Richlite Samples | Richlite Sample Box

£40.00 Ex-VAT
Richlite specifier sample set, includes small brochure and 70 x 70mm samples of:
  • 25mm Black Diamond (Leathered)
  • 12mm Chocolate Glacier (Leathered)
  • 12mm Maple Valley (Leathered)
  • 12mm Browns Point (Leathered)
  • 12mm Redstone (Leathered)
  • 12mm Blue Canyon (Leathered)
  • 12mm Grays Harbor (Leathered)
  • 6mm Natural (Mill)
  • 6mm Slate (Mill)
  • 6mm r50 (Mill)
  • 8mm Black Diamond (Mill) or 8mm Rosedale (Mill)
  • 12mm Little Tahoma (Honed)
  • 25mm Stratum (Honed)
  • 32mm Rainier (Honed)
  • Richlite Edge Trim

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