Richlite Prototype Material + Fret Board Blanks

Richlite is an incredibly durable material made from paper, ideal for a variety of uses. Developed over 70 years ago for industrial tooling, Richlite has evolved into a premium surface material used by aerospace, extreme sports, marine, food prep and the architecture and design community.

The innovative surface material’s mottled appearance, honed look, leathery feel and warmth complement a range of applications like furniture, cladding, fretboards, knife handles, signage, retail displays, restaurant tables and bar tops, or kitchen worktops and doors.

We support Richlite throughout the UK and Europe, with the most common colours and thicknesses stocked in the UK and lots of Richlite used in our materials studio in London Fields. Get in touch to discuss your project and request samples, or order samples, prototyping material, fretboard blanks and finishing products from the links below.