Richlite Prototype Material | Slate Part Sheets

£17.00 Ex-VAT

A dense, durable and versatile solid paper composite material with a leathery feel in a Slate colour that appears dark black, and looks very similar to Black Diamond. Part sheets are ideal for prototypes, small CNC beds and smaller projects which don't require a full sheet.

When considering Slate versus Black Diamond the colours are nearly identical. Slate tends to perform best in exterior environments and for food prep, and Black Diamond is better suited to internal joinery. Both use rapidly renewable and sustainably sourced paper, but Black Diamond is available using 100% recycled paper. 

The material’s mottled appearance works well for applications like cladding, chopping boards and exterior signage.

All part sheets supplied in a Mill (unfinished) surface. For help with fabrication and finishing prototype material, check out the Richlite Fabrication Video Series or get in touch

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