Richlite Prototype Material | Stratum Birch Part Sheets

£33.00 Ex-VAT

A dense, durable and versatile solid paper composite material with Northwest Collection colours on clad on a layer of a specialist grade Finnish Birch Plywood.

Because it's pressed as a single step process, the paper and ply cross link in production, creating an incredibly strong and stable bond. Part sheets are ideal for prototypes, small CNC beds and smaller projects which don't require a full sheet and Stratum Birch Ply is perfect for creating doors, cabinetry, signage, speaker enclosures and stage floors to get the benefits of Richlite with less weight and avoiding the fabrication required to laminate 3mm Richlite onto a substrate. 

The innovative material’s mottled appearance, layered look, leathery feel and warmth complement a range of interior applications including furniture, cabinetry, signage, retail displays, restaurant tables and bar tops.

All part sheets supplied in a Mill (unfinished) surface ready for fabrication and finishing, if desired. For help with fabrication and finishing prototype material, check out the Richlite Fabrication Video Series or get in touch

18mm thick Stratum Birch Ply embeds a 12mm birch ply core between 3mm Richlite, 24mm thick uses an 18mm birch ply core between 3mm Richlite. 

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