Richlite Fretboard Blanks | Multicolour Guitar Fingerboards

£25.00 Ex-VAT

A dense, durable and versatile solid paper composite material with a leathery feel in a deep, solid Black Diamond colour. Part sheets are ideal for prototypes, small CNC beds and smaller projects which don't require a full sheet, and this size is particularly useful as a blank for producing guitar or bass fingerboards. 

Made in the USA, Richlite is an incredibly durable material made from paper, ideal for a variety of uses. Developed over 70 years ago for industrial tooling, Richlite has evolved into a premium surface material used by aerospace, extreme sports, marine, luthier instruments, food prep and the architecture and design community.

A sustainable and durable alternative material for the music industry; common applications for Richlite include fingerboards, bridges, speaker enclosures, practice drum pads, drumsticks and stage flooring. 

Acoustically superior, the material has a consistent density, is inherently stable and moisture acclimated. Incredibly durable, Richlite has a similar look and feel to ebony and is made with post consumer waste recycled or sustainably sourced rapidly renewable paper. With high impact resistance and a greater span than wood products, you can machine the material with standard tooling. 

Whether selected for its natural appeal, durability, strength, sustainability or its unique look and feel, Richlite outperforms and outlasts conventional materials.

508 x 70 x 8mm

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