Loll Designs Lollygagger Lounge Chair

£499.00 Ex-VAT

Launched at Clerkenwell Design Week this year, the Lollygagger Outdoor Lounge Chair is Loll Designs' namesake chair. The verb 'lollygag' - which literally means to recline or lean in a relaxed or indolent manner - inspired this modern Adirondack chair. Years of design and manufacturing experience went into this Lollygagger lounge chair, so the seat and back angles work together to create an incredibly comfy chair. The sleek lines give comfort with a splash of colour and an integrated bottle opener is built into the right chair arm. Low and relaxed, every one of these Ska-rated chairs saves around 296 milk jugs from going into landfills. The commercial grade furniture is bright, easy to clean, resists fading and needs no maintenance. 

Loll Designs furniture ships flat pack and is easy to assemble. The chair measures 75 x 69 x 75 cm and weighs 17kg. 

In stock and ready to ship in 1-2 working days. 

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