Durat Samples | Palace Collection Sample Box

Durat Samples | Palace Collection Sample Box

£30.00 Ex-VAT

Durat Palace specifier sample set for The Palace Collection, created by Durat in collaboration with MOST Collective design agency. Durat Palace incorporates natural pigments and earth minerals into the recycled solid surface for a luxurious, silky finish. Each sample box includes 50 x 25 x 12mm samples of

  • P001 Greyhound ᵁᴷ
  • P002 Cherry Bombshell
  • P003 Mudslide
  • P004 Absinthe ᵁᴷ
  • P005 Cuba Libre
  • P006 Black Velvet ᵁᴷ
  • P007 Martini
  • P008 Mint Julep
  • P009 Gin Daisy ᵁᴷ
  • P010 Midori Sour 
  • P011 Blue Hawaiian
  • P012 Violette Royale
  • P013 Oceana Mars
  • P014 Kombu Milk
  • P015 Kulta 
  • P016 Arrakis 

Sheets of colours marked are usually stocked in the UK. Custom samples, colours and speckles can be made to order, just get in touch.

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