Materialists. They’re deep.

They care about what a building looks like, what a product feels like and the impact on the people that use it. They care as much about design as the materials that make it.
They celebrate the brilliant and fight the bland.
Materialism is the difference between choosing a material that will ‘do the job’ and the material that will ‘make' the job. Between good and great, bland and brilliant.
Surface Matter works with exciting surface materials, and we love collaborating with creative people to push the boundaries of material use. Our extensive knowledge of materials and their attributes help us understand their possibilities and their limitations, so we can help maximise the benefits of each project, regardless of the application. Based in London, we work with everyone from restaurant and retail brands to furniture manufacturers and the A&D community. We know and love materials and can provide a range of material solutions as an industry expert and a full service distributor.