Durat Fabrication + Finishing | 250ml Integra Adhesive

Durat Fabrication + Finishing | 250ml Integra Adhesive

£22.00 Ex-VAT

Integra Surface Bonder XI / Zero is an epoxy based methacrylate adhesive for solid surface materials. Combining a semi-automated mix and dispenser system with a dual component cartridge, static mixer nozzle with a hand held dispenser - when used together the system accurately measures, mixes and dispenses the right amount of adhesive for a quick and consistent cure, strong bond and minimal wastage. Each 250ml cartridge comes with 2 static mixer nozzles. Additional nozzles or dispenser guns are also available.

Chameleon is the most popular colour match for Durat recycled solid surface including most of the Durat Palace Collection. Crystal Clear is a similar colour with a slightly more translucent finish which is good for filling surface imperfections and White Linen is a great match for some of the Durat Classic and Palace colours with white base colours. Ebony works well with black base colours.

Integra Adhesive cannot be shipped by air/next day courier. 

250ml (covers 15-20m seams)

Durat Fabrication Manual
Integra Adhesive SDS

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